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Pursuant to the language in AB 1542 (revisions to Ed. Code Sections 8499.3 and 8499.5), there is now a mandate that both County Boards of Supervisors (CBS) and County Superintendents of Schools (CSS) be involved in the local child care planning process. Specifically, the CBS and CSS are directed to:

  • appoint members to the LCCPC according to the guidelines prescribed in AB 1542;
  • publicize their intention and invite local organizations to submit nominations before selecting the members;
  • establish the term of appointments for the members of the LCCPC;
  • approve the priorities that are developed by the LCCPC for submission to the CDE for new state and federal child care funding for the county;
  • approve the needs assessment developed by the LCCPC for submission to the CDE;
  • designate two persons, one selected by the CBS and one selected by the CSS or one person selected by both appointing agencies, to serve as a part of the team that reviews and scores contract child care service applications submitted to the CDE.

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